Exciting ‘Blue Economy project’: nowaste design

nowaste design
nowaste design is a new project I have been working on which is part of ‘Making Culture’: an initiative of my former professor Kampe which aims to bring designers, enterpreneurs and craftspeople together on a local scale in Coburg, Germany. nowaste design is initiated within this social frame; its goal is to motivate local companies & factories to give designers their waste, so that the designers can make new products out of them, and letting the materials becoming useful again instead of regretful waste.
For this I thought of an open-source database functioning as a search panel for designers who are looking for interesting materials from the area to work with. Many successful designers tell the world that they discovered the waste of a company and reused it for their products. Aiming at designer students, this could be very promising for companies due to firstly the PR possibilities and secondly the discovered potential of their waste materials.

Making Culture

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