Internship at Marije Vogelzang week IV

This week we had a clear deadline: the Bakkerswinkel in Rotterdam, close to Blaak, wanted a new eating experience and we as interns needed to finish it up. The concept includes wooden boards where certain food types are placed upon. Every guest gets his or her own board with either cheese, fish, meat, vegetables, dairy or bread. From that point, the meal celebration can begin. Bites and pieces are divided on the table and messiness is a plus. Afterwards, the guest can choose a desert, brought to them on a cheerfully decorated trolley.

One of our tasks was to think of a simple system through which the employees could figure out the constellation of the boards quickly. The only way, we discovered, in doing so, was to use the trial and error technique: by drawing ideas on stickers and putting them on the boards we could immediately test whether it would be a simple idea that was easily conducted. Finally, after wrecking our brains with ideas of placing numbers, crosses and orientation points we came up with the idea of simply placing open and closed circles in the corners of the boards. There you go: extremely easy and effective.

Apart from the boards, we designed a sink where the guests can wash their hands, the desert trolley, the garments, the flyer and the manual for the employees. Marije presented the results to Piet and he was very excited about them. See for yourself!

Bakkerswinkel handen wassen ideeen by Madelaine Berlis

Bakkerswinkel wasbak foto by Madelaine Berlis

This is a concept for a flyer, it is not the final design.
flyer Op de Planken by Madelaine Berlis

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