Internship at Marije Vogelzang week V

Did I tell you about the chicken project already? No? Well, we are actually going to breed intensive farming chicks. We got 75 eggs from a farmer situated in Brabant (that is in south of The Netherlands) and a hatching machine and the last days I have been busy figuring out how the process works. So that the eggs will actually hatch and I don’t have to feel guilty that 75 chicks failed to get born….
You will realise that this project definitely has some ethical issues. I have to say that I am a bit scared about how it will continue. There are so many factors that can lead to the death of innocent chicks or chickens and I don’t think I will be able to cope with that. On the other hand, the outcome could be positive if we manage to help increasing the happiness of factory farmed chicken, or for instance raise awareness with this project. The project is part of ‘Agri meets Design’, an initiative where farmers and designers are collaborating.
Since this week, the hatching machine is filled and within about 21 days the eggs will hatch. Until then, we have the time to think of research questions and to somehow create or find enough space for the chickens..
Please feel free to comment in case you have ideas for interesting research directions!

hatchery by Madelaine Berlis

More than a month has past since I started my internship at Marije’s studio in Dordrecht. And it’s so much fun!
We got to know her two youngest children, we went to see her beautiful house and we worked in the shop of her husband Robin.
This week, I made a draft for the new faked meat poster, including an abstract world map, and we built a construction for the photo studio so that a paper roll can be hold, serving as a background. It is basically like a giant toilet paper holder with customizable height for smaller and bigger objects.

photo studio paper role holder by Madelaine Berlis

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