Redesign Meat @ Slagerij de Hamvraag

During the event ‘Redesign Meat’ I held a presentation about the installation The Future of Meat and told the audience about the great experiences we had so far in Germany, the Netherlands and the US and the interesting discussions that were evoked by the tolerant atmosphere of the setting.
After my presentation, Marije Vogelzang presented some crazy, alternative scenarios and showed work of wellknown artists including her own.
I also made on the spot illustrations during the workshop afterwards which focused on thinking about new ways of ‘redesiging meat’. Many interesting ideas popped up, such as teaching embryo’s what to eat in the belly of their mother, having cows walk their own way from farmer to slaughterhouse to supermarket or a magic ball inspired roast where the emphasis lies on the layers rather than the tiny piece of meat inside.

presentatie2_Madelaine Berlis
presentatie3_Madelaine Berlis
presentatie3_Madelaine Berlis
workshop 1_Madelaine Berlis
Illustratie1_Madelaine Berlis
illustration2_ Madelaine Berlis
workshop 3_Madelaine Berlis
workshop 2_Madelaine Berlis

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