Hackathon @ binaryfutures studio Amsterdam

Last Saturday we organised a Hackathon, teaming up with Creative Coding Amsterdam. The aim of the day was to test Tramontana, a prototype kit developed by binaryfutures. And I’d never expected so much succesful outcome!
First teams were made: one team worked with the polargraph, making drawings with an app. The second team took the 80s printer and hacked it in a way so that it could print out tweets. Another team made a jumpstart in creating an interactive escape room. And team four surprised us by developing a programm which allows you to turn on and off a lamp and a fan by speaking to your computer.
I was amazed by the content that was created in only a couple of hours and I feel very inspired by the ease we interacted with surrounding objects.
Hackathon_ Madelaine Berlis2Hackathon_ Madelaine BerlisHackathon_Madelaine Berlis3Hackathon_Madelaine BerlisHackathon_Madelaine Berlis4Hackathon_Madelaine Berlis5

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