Author: Maddesigner

Internship at Marije Vogelzang

First of all, I should write a small introduction to the start of my weekly post about my internship at Marije Vogelzang’s studio. Last year she wrote on several social media platforms that she was looking for two interns. I had read a lot about her during my Master Thesis and had met her during …

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Cow, Consumption, Obese

Cows cows cows

I recently started doing some screen printing, and I was inspired by the recent WHO decision to put meat on the list of unhealthy things. This fat cow embodies our current food culture where eating meat is seen as unhealthy and simple a bad deed. I imagine the cow saying: oh boo-hooh! Now y’all looking …

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Kulturelle Vielfalt - cultural diversity

Kulturelle Vielfalt

Die letzten Wochen habe ich mich als Grafikdesigner an einem Projekt beteiligt für kulturelle Vielfalt. Für das Projekt habe ich das Fotografieren assistiert und die vier Poster gestaltet. Bald werden sie in der Coburger Innenstadt und in den regionalen Bussen aufgehängt. Ich habe das Projekt unterstützt weil es mich auch persönlich angesprochen hat: offiziell bin …

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Social Design Definition

Social Design explained in a graph

After reading multiple books and articles about Social Design, I decided to collect all the words and terms and make a graph out of it. Feel free to add or critisize the graph for it is meant for starting discussions about the topic and defining new territory. Also, some phrases about Social Design I especially …

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The Future of Meat @ DDW 2015

With over 600 people voting for their own favourite scenario, it was a succesfull Dutch Design Week! This website even posted a photo of our votes. Thanks everyone who stopped by and especially the people who inspired us with new ideas! By the way, for more updates about The Future of Meat, you can also …

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