The Internet of Food and Farming 2020 (IoF2020) is an EU horizon 2020 project I work on at Schuttelaar & Partners. It aims for a more productive and sustainable European agri-food sector by promoting innovation and data-based control. Think of sensor-controlled rooms growing altered lettuce or connected cows to improve milk quality. Five areas of the agrifood sector are addressed: arable farming, dairy, meat, vegetables and fruits. My part covers the design and implementation of the biquarterly online magazines, made with h5mag.

Two examples of online magazines I made:
the second general IoF magazine
the Meat Trial magazine

In the designs I play with colourful dynamic surfaces, combined with positive imagery and a tough, bold typo. These elements give the design a fresh but warm feeling, with an optimistic vibe.

IOF2020 Meat Madelaine Berlis
IOF Madelaine Berlis
IOF2020 Madelaine Berlis